humidty, fans and temperature

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by parkerpothead, May 14, 2006.

  1. i have recently moved my plants to a bigger space i added an extra 250w of lights using all fluros anyway the next when i checked it felt really humid so invested in a fan just a cou[le pf questions 1st should i use the fan 24/7 or set with the light timing which is 12/12, 2nd the temperature is at 82.9 deg frnt when the lights are on just want to know if this is too hot i can open the door during the day to help ventilate but obviously on a night time it as to be closed for complete darkness cheers.
  2. Hey parkerpothead. 82.9 doesn't seem to be to hot, my box stays around 85 with the light on and my plants show no sign of heat stress and seem to be growing great to me. As for the fan, I leave the exhaust fan on all night just so that it gets a fresh air 24hrs a day.
  3. Your ideal temp would be under 80, but 83 isn't bad and should not stress the plants. Just watch for the soil drying out a little more quickly and keep a close eye on leaf tips.

    I would leave the fan on 24/7. Even if humidity is not the issue, if you are in 12/12 you are in flower and if the odor is not an issue yet it could be soon, and not just during the light cycle. That exhaust fan running 24/7 will help odor from being a problem.

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