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  1. Officially what should the humidity b for my rooted 10 day old clones they r in clean black soil
  2. If they are 10 days old like you said, and rooted they should be able to tolerate regular temperatures without a humidity dome or anything.
  3. Ok but the leaves have slight yellowing I have only feed them water so far but my humidity is around 40 stable
  4. It's normal for the bottom leaves or sometimes even the tips to yellow on a clone, it's from the plant feeding off it's stored nutrients so it can grow roots, all new growth should be growing green, if not you may have a problem. Do you have any pictures?
  5. Here's a pic

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  6. Looks normal to me, If the plant starts wilting after 1 hr or so then you should raise the humidity or get it under a dome, Cloning from a flowering plant takes longer for them to get a solid root system and revert back to their vegetative stage.
  7. Ok so I should prob chill a little I'm feeling sad for them lol so what u think about adding some nuets
  8. No need to add nutrients yet, They have freshly grown roots and nutrients will severely burn the roots and most likely kill them, it's best to not feed them until they get a better root system and more new growth then you can foliar feed them with 1/4 strength nutrients to avoid burning roots and putting your newly rooted clone through shock.

    PH'ed or Distilled Water is enough for them right now, foliar feed them water, and also lightly water the soil when the top is dry or the container is light.

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