Humidity too low.

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  1. Hey guys, I tried searching for other threads about this but I couldn't find any. My question is what is the best way to keep humidity levels up but heat down? I am growing in a closet that is 7'x2'x4'(HxWxD) with a 400 watt MH lamp. I have been having a little problem with mites and have found if I keep the humidity high enough and the temps low enough they almost all go away. The way I have been doing it is just spraying the plants every couple hours and it seems to work nicely but I can't spray them while I am away from home so it gets really dry. I found a link for this but I am worried the mist will harm my bulb, what do you guys think? Also, I don't want to use chemicals to kill the mites so should I use neem oil? Or ladybugs? (I know there are threads about mites, I just thought I'd throw it in there) :)
  2. Best way to keep the RH up in an enclosed space, in my opinion, is just a open pan of
    water with a fan blowing across it. What is the RH now, and what does it need to be at?

    Neem oil works fine. Check out this thread for organic insect repellant. Be sure to
    read the threads on mites for all the details.

    Good Luck!

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  3. I need to get a hygrometer, but I have borrowed my friend's to check it and it was about 40% when it was too dry and 60+% seemed to be a much better RH. I have tried a pan but it didn't seem to do the trick. I was thinking about using a humidifier from walgreens or something but I don't want it to get too hot because pretty soon in the summer high heat is going to be a big problem. I have also thought about getting a water pump and some micro-irrigation sprayers on a timer in there, but again, I don't want to hurt my precious light! Thanks :)
  4. Hrm.. I saw a pretty nifty ultrasonic humidifier at lowes for like $30 not too long ago. I bet
    it would do the trick.

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  5. Ooh! I'll have to check it out. Do you know if the mist will hurt the bulb though? I don't have a lens over it.
  6. I'd suggest having some kind of roof or something like that over the unit so any mist that
    gets sprayed up is stopped before going too far. Don't let any water hit that bulb!!

    BTW: This is what I saw

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  7. Oh awesome! I am going to go get that tomorrow, thanks bro! I was also thinking of just kind of piping the mist in with some tubing but I guess we'll see what I can rig up when I get it.
  8. You gotta let me know how it works out!! Get some photos if you can :)

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  9. I still haven't bought that yet haha but its coming soon. My internet at home is so shitty that I can't even post on here so I have to post at work. It way sucks.

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