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  1. Hey guys, I’m in a 2x2x5 tent and my humidity is too high. I bought a mini dehumidifier from amazon that says 1500 cubic feet, which is way more than my tent is, and it won’t even bring the percentage down even a few percent. Can anybody recommend a small unit that actually works, or any other methods?

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  2. What have you got going for intake & exhaust?
    Where's your tent located?
    What are your temps?
    I use a portable a/c unit that i duct into my 2x4, i draw fresh air into the a/c and blow cooled, dry air into my tent and into the room.
    I exhaust from the tent back to the a/c, sort of like a closed loop but i still get some fresh, outside air mixed in there.

    I've always been skeptical of those small dehumidifiers. I used to use a 30 pint unit in my old bedroom, which was 10ft x 12ft and I'd have to run it for a solid 24-48hrs before there was a noticeable difference.
  3. I’m in a closet, no room for ducting. The closet has a laundry shoot that I keep open to have fresh cool air come in from the basement. My exhaust is a 6 in inline fan and my intake is a 4 inch inline fan, however I have the screens open on the bottom of the tent to allow more air to be pulled in. Temps are fine in the 70’s. I wish I could duct in ac but there’s no space for all of that. I need something I can put in the tent itself

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  4. Where does the exhaust from your 6 inch fan go to?

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  5. Into the closet space. But I have a box fan blowing my cold room air into the closet to dissipate that hot humid air from the closet

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  6. You have to controll the humidity in the room the grow itself is in. Not the closet or grow tent, but the WHOLE room. I have a grow tent in my basement and have to run a humidifier for my whole basement to keep humidity down in my tent
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  7. Ive tried the portable dehumidifiers off amazon they do nothing now i have 2 30 pint dehumidifiers from walmart one for grow and one for drying room they work great humidity always arpund 50 when used to be 80+ they were 160$ a piece but well worth it. Just sucks emptying them daily
  8. Are the Walmart ones big though? I need something small to fit inside the tent

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  9. There probs about 2.5ft tall i have 2 tents in my grow room one for veg 1 for flower i keep it outside the tents and does a great job so im basically just conttolling humidity in my entire upstairs
  10. You get that you need to controll the humidity in the room, not the tent correct?
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  11. You get that my tent is in a closet right? The tent takes up the entire closet and the door stays shut. Controlling the room does nothing for me, I need the tent controlled. The room the closet is in has constant ac on and low humidity. It’s not the room.

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  12. If the room has low humidity, could you not intake from the room, instead of through the laundry chute to the basement? Does your basement have low humidity as well?
  13. I have to keep the closet door closed for stealth reasons. I keep the shoot open to let cool basement air in, so at least there’s some fresh air coming in. But the tent takes up the entire closet so I can’t fit anything else in there. I can only put things inside the tent.

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  14. works great - make sure it is the scent free - you can get them at walmart
  15. I use two of these in a 5'x10'x7' room and they work great
  16. They come in two packs - I would use both and empty everyday
  17. Ok I’ll pick one up then and try it. Does it need to be changed out ?

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