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  1. Alright so I'm having trouble controlling my humidity. When the lights on, the humidity isn't terrible average 65%. It's when the lights go off and the temps aren't going up as quickly.

    I have my exhaust fan plugged into a controller that turns the fan on when it is 77 and when it gets below that it turns off. I just went and bought a speed controller for the fan to see if that will help keeping my humidity low during the night.

    I just went and bought a 14k btu dual hose ac which does a goodjob. The air conditioner also says that it is a dehumidifier [ame=] Haier CPN14XC9 14K Portable Air Conditioner: Home & Garden[/ame] but I haven't been too impressed with that function.

    I don't really want put a dehumidifier in the room since I already have a bulky ac/dehumidifier in there and I also don't want the extra heat.
  2. I've been running the ac on the dehumidifier function for about a week and the RH high of the week has been 88%. It's better then the 99%+ RH that was happening.
  3. 88% is pretty high for flowering. What is the RH of the source air? If you have adequate ventilation, your RH inside the grow space should not be much higher than the RH of your source air, if it is that means the air is spending too much time in the grow space. Even when lights are off, plants are transpiring moisture to the air, and this needs to be constantly removed.
  4. Aight thanks for the response man. I'm about to go and tweak my room a bit plus put in that speed controller for the fan. I think that should help move the air quicker. The fresh air is coming through a passive intake from outside the room in the garage. I leave a window opened to bring in fresh air into the garage.

    So to answer the question, the RH is inside the garage is whatever the RH is outside.
  5. Wow, that is a lot of humidity. You want to really bring it down because at that point molds are highly likely to form...
    I highly advise to use that a/c to keep temps below 74 and try to bring in a dehumidiyer to bring down RH to 50% max.
  6. So I have a dehumidifier that I am able to use Comfort-Aire BHD-651 Dehumidifier - Free Shipping | Sylvane. It would do the job but create a lot of heat.

    I was just looking at the portable ac I have [ame=] Haier CPN14XC9 14K Portable Air Conditioner: Home & Garden[/ame] and I saw that it has a drainage spot at the back to connect a dehumidifier line, now the ac doesn't have a humidistat to set the best RH but it would be a lot cheaper for me since I don't have to deal with the heat from the dehumidifier or the electricity of running it.

    Any suggestions?
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  8. Air conditioners also dehumidify as they cool..thats what the drainage is for.
  9. This was has an auto evaporation feature and it says you never need to. All good though. I wasn't able to pick up the speed controller yet but I did move the dehumidifier in there and the humidity dropped instantly.

    I'm harvesting a couple of plants tomorrow night so in the morning I'm going to turn the dehumidifier down to 35 percent and give it a go!
  10. Nice, post pics when you harvest.
  11. Can you elaborate more about hooking up the dehumidifier drain to the ac unit?

    Im interested in this :smoke:
  12. I just hooked the dehumid through a hose to a 5 gallon bucket

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