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  1. I have started feminized germinated seeds in fox farm happy frog which has a ph around 7. I added at half strength, protekt, kln and fox farm big bloom. I have all fox farm liquid fertilizers. I also have kanga roots and microbrew. I planted the seeds in a pre moisened soil with the three diluted additives. I then put a little more dirt and a little more of that liquid. I have a 3 foot high box 14 in wide and 16 inches deep. I have a sativa/indica cross that is a small plant but has high thc and is good for pain. I also recieved 5 white widdows. I bought the marijuana grow guide and pest guide by ed rosenthal. My soil ph is high as per the book. They want it at 5.8 to 6.5ish. I have one 150 wat agro bulb for veg and one for flower. It is well over 50 watts per square foot. How far away should I keep the plants since they are new and then when they sprout. I will have to rig someting up. Let me know. I need help. Spent a ton of money getting the best supplies. Im using yeast and sugar and water to produce co2 and I have a heater to keep the temp up. We have winter here and it has been in the teens outside. Thanks

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  2. Keep your light up about 3-4 ft. That will be fine for seedlings.
  3. I have planted my germinated seedlings in foxfarm happy frog poiting soil. I have fox farm liquid fertilizers and dyna grows kln, protek and ph down. I made per the instructions on the bottles, big bloom, kln and protect together. Then I diluted it in half and wet the soil with that when I planted the germinated seedlings. That was yesterday. I had the light on all night except 1 hr. My mistake on the timer. I watered the soil today with distilled water. What did I do wrong or am I going in the right direction. They are in small little plastic pots. They will be transplanted into 2 parts ocean fresh to 1 part light warrior. But that is a ways away. I have three pots in the box. Two are doing good. One idk. I need some guidance. I am reading and reading, but just like a trade its pratice that gives knowledge. I need some help and guidance, please. The seeds I have are a dwarf plant cross indica/sativa.
    dont drown them either
  5. Way too early to feed..Do some more research..
  6. I have done so much research. Dynangrow told me to add a diluted strength of their kln protect and big bloom. Now I get no nutrients from oher sources. More rwsearch where. Where can I get step by step jow to grow . I have 10 well now 7 seeds from mjseeds in canada. Its an auto flowring indica/sativa cross and a small plant with high tch and cbd if I do it right. I also have 5 white widows and 3 star ryders and 3polar lights. I have a small box so one plant mabey two at the most. I will use 2 gallon smart pots when I transplant to the final pots. I have ed rosenthals growers handbook. I read that. I have been reading all sorts. So I will see how these two go. Its 78-80 in the box with a humidityof 37%. My box has an intake an outtake fan. I use a heater to keep the closet warm where the box is. And now I will have to figure out how to increase the humidity. There is no room for a hhumidifier in the box.i could put it in the closet. I just need some pointers or to be pointed in the right way. All you "seasoned" veterans were all a noob at one point. To be told to do more research is not help. I am screaming for help. I learned today not to do much for about a month then I can transplant to my final smartpots with a 2 part ocean fresh and one part light warrior for good airflow. Please I beg, some wisdom. I dont have a huge set up. Its me and the wife. I have a 150 watt brow and flower agro bulb. 91 cri. I spent good money on all top of the line nutrients. I need some place where it explains it step by step. I can follow directions and I am patient so please some help. I am a disabled vet that is doing this for my own mental and pnysical health. So that is why I am asking for help. I cant afford the stuff that works for me. Lol please thank you and have a grateful day.
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    Pretty much this. I know you want to do as much as you can to make this the best grow, but leave em alone for now. I look forward to the break, knowing that everything is set on "auto" and I don't have to do anything except water them every 3-4 days for a month. You do not have to maintain the ph in organic soil until you start using nutrients that leave salt deposits (grow big, tiger bloom)... then and only then will the plant lose the ability to self-regulate the ph in it's rhizosphere (sheath of biological activity surrounding each root) You literally have to do nothing but water them at this point, I know it sounds boring, lol so don't overdo it.
    Happy frog is excellent soil, it just needs a lot of perlite. Big bloom is a compost tea and doesn't feed your plants directly so it shouldn't hurt, but you don't need more than one treatment at this point. The feeding schedule is way too much for organic soil, to the point of being ridiculous. It's designed for plants that are getting zero nutrients from their medium and need to be fed from week one, like a soilless mix and even then it's still a lot. Silly when you consider that they want you to use it with their organic soils.
    It's been said, get the light closer. I use a fan to cool my bulb because the cooler it is the closer you can get it. Seems like you're doing the right thing so far, no need to stress.
  8. I planted her on monday after germination. It grew a little then stopped. Ive had it two to three inches away from my bulb. I dont know if i fried the plant. Its a 150 agro and it gives off some heat.
  9. I planted her on monday after germination. It grew a little then stopped. Ive had it two to three inches away from my bulb. I dont know if i fried the plant. Its a 150 agro and it gives off some heat.

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  10. 150 W hid? If so def too close. It looks like the seed husk is still on there though.
  11. foxfarm soil can already be a little hot for seedlings without adding any nutes i would start of in the light warrior with some perlite mixed in feed only water for 2 weeks then start introducing nutrients at 1/4 strength and build up from ther :D

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  12. an to get the humidity up put a wet towel in the box with a fan blowing on it should help :D

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  13. Its a cfl.this is the red bulb. The bulb socket is screwed to the inside of the cabinet. I have heat insulation and reflection on the inside top above the light. As you can see i had to use all sort of stuff to higher the pot. Lol. Never again. Buying a premade tent. No more off of ebay shit. Ugh. Pain in my ass. The exaust is the top fan and the small one is the intake. I have a heater in the closet also. I have everything on the timer. It is on 16 on 8 off. Should i keep the fans going all the time. We have winter here so i dont want it to ger too cold. My home is at 64 to save money since propene here is sky rocketting. I have all my nutrients in the clost also. It stays around 74-80 in there. But close to the bulb i bet its 90. So this is what my grow are looks like. Any suggestions. I already spent almost a grand. Lol. Just to save from spending 100 a 1/4 oz. Its expensive here. Thanks. Dont they have a strain that waS created by some seeds at a Grateful Dead show. GD something. Tell im new. I love to smoke it. We arent lucky enough like three other states. Any help would help.

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