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  1. Will this work in my set up i have freshly.donated clones and i keep hearing to put plastic over them will this work..can they breath like this??how long do they stay like this??

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  2. That will work. I do pretty much same thing with baggie. The shit that is injured will not heal but new growth will happen faster and they will perc up and look much better.
  3. Ok ill keep u posted thanks for the advice
  4. 2 of my clones are now starting to root out the bottom great!!!!! Keep the bags on or take them leaning towards keep them on.the third one is hanging in there.but outside myTent the humidity is 37 how can i rIse the humidity in my room.will basic humidifier work???

  5. Once the roots make it into the water then you want to slowly introduce them into your room by poking some holes in your bags and just every 6-8 hours make the holes larger.

    Most growers who make their own clones and use domes do some sort of slow introduction from the dome to the room elements.

    You should not need any humidifiers. This is just something that clones do when the environment changes too fast.

    But very glad to hear you have roots as that means they are going to survive and thrive! :wave:
  6. They will need fresh air once roots show. I have accidentally killed clones by leaving the containers they were in completly sealed for a day or 2. They turned to mush very quickly without air circulation.
    I dont worry about humidity levels very much once the roots pop and the plants can drink as much as they want

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