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    wattsup everybody this thread is similar to norcali's original "humidity control" thread, but while cali is interested in increasing humidity for vegetative plants I am concerned with decreasing my humidity for flowering ones. Of course a dehumidifier/humidifier works well but we are both (or at least I am) opting for a cheaper, DIY solution.

    I was thinking that maybe putting some baking soda, or saw dust in a room will decrease its humidity but I am unsure about that idea and thats about all I have got off the top of my head right now. From a scientific perspective I know I need a substance that has a lower water potential than the surrounding air (for those of you who dont know what water potential (WP) is, it in short, quantifies how absorptive something is; lower potential = greater absorptivity. For example, roots have a lower WP than soil, stems have lower WP than roots, leaves have lower WP than stems and finally air has lower WP than leaves--that is how water is wicked from the soil up to the tops of trees and canna buds too:D) Anyways I believe baking soda has a lower WP than air but am not confident that it will work. I will give it a try a post back...

    ...until then however can anybody help me out?

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