Humbolt x Afgani

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Panhead, Apr 26, 2001.

  1. High every one [​IMG]

    The reason I like humbolt is becouse it was all around me growing up..Northern California is where it grows best outside..I was raised in southern Oregon an that is the other side of the mountain from Northern Calif... :D :D :D Every one stay cool now. :D

  2. looks good there panhead :)
    sorry i aint been around much ,its harvest time here and i been busy heheheheheh :D :D
    I will have a few pics soon
    I forget ,how many watts are you running
    Hey did you ever check out the SSC?
    if so did you register??
    Drop me a line in a PM and we'll talk
  3. High whoandi

    I am growing under 400watts of MH an 160 in flouros standing vertical at each end with gro lux tubes..I've been pretty busy also..I haven't got back to that site yet..I will though.. :D :D :D

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