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  1. Hey all its been awhile posting in here, went to Garden's Cure for a while then got busted doing a Guerilla grow and honestly haven't smoked in a while. I'm from Mississippi and really want to get into growing. Would it be impossible for me (can't find a friend to join the trip and split rent with me) to make it somewhere near the beach in Humboldt (cuz I want to excersise by running down the sandy shoreline).

    What I'm saying is I want to get a job farming the herb. Is there any demand for help in growing? A runner to the dispensaries in San Fran, a farmhand, someone to look after an indoor grow, w/e. I would bring my fuel efficient car and take a tent and just camp until I found some work where I could afford an apartment or maybe meet someone in the same circumstances as me and rent out a house or something.

    I have zero hookups and don't know anyone in Cali, but surely (esp around harvest) I could find some kind of work tending to plants or something. I've never seen a plant to maturity but did get a few that were 2-3' high. I got the basics and even learned a few things with my grandpa in his vegetable garden.

    The economy is shit here and I can't even find get a mcdonalds type job here and not at all happy here. I love my family and all, just time to get out the house and try to make it on my own. Is there any hope for me in Humboldt?

    I mean I got a good friend here that smokes and he's got the hookup, but everyone else that smokes around here seems to be a criminal or a complete loser. I feel I would be with my kind of people (re: hippies chilled out relaxing "its all good bro").

    I got about a thousand dollars and some family around Bend, Oregon in case I couldn't find good work they would probably have enough work for me to get enough cash to get me back to the South.

    Thanks all
  2. That sounds like one hell of an adventure bro, good luck!

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