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Humboldt Gold

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by huzdat, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey, so I just smoked this stuff called Humboldt Gold and it's apparently the same shit as k2 and i gotta say it's pretty awesome. I just smoked a bowl out of a tiny $5 spoon and I feel like i'm bakeddd. Granted, I haven't smoked anything since like February (probation)... but still.
    Has anyone else tried this stuff? I'd like to hear other experiences and whatnot.
  2. It was the last week of college and all the dealers were dry, so i bought this stuff. I have never tried it before but they said it was the best one they have. Took 2 big hits from my bong and i was ripped. I smoke everyday but only at night and not alot. I think it is a good alternative if you are dry and dont have a pickup.
  3. well it lasted about two hours and was ok, definitely not weed though. It was mostly a kind of like twitchy body high... I cant really explain the difference but I definitely felt different than after I smoke some good old ganja, haha.
    Later on though, my hands got super tingly, like pins and needles but intense, and kind of went a little numbish... I have no idea wtf that was about and it prob had nothing to do with this but it lasted all the way till I went to bed around 2am. I was just pretty weirded out and it was kinda freaking me out, it was all good when I woke up though.
    Basically I dont think I will be making a habit out of this stuff either way... I just cant wait till probation is over :\

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