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  1. Humans have no natural ecological function? What was the first humans' roles in ecosystems? We are squishy bipeds that hunt and gather. What niche do we fill?
  2. could it be that by not fulfilling a role we are fulfilling a role? This is how it is supposed to be, this is how it is supposed to happen, we are part of the system, we belong here just as much as any other species.
  3. Emotion.
    The channeling of higher vibration energy into the physical plane of existence, the lower vibrating parts of this universe.
    Being able to harness "love" and "compassion" would allow us to "escort" the earth into an age of great growth.

    Anyways we all exist within the same fabric of creation. Distaste for your own race is stemmed out of fear. Embrace the true nature of creation and you will see this is not the case.

    taste race case.
    that sounded funny reading it back. haha
    it's a poem! =P
  4. well the only thing i can come up with is population control for all other species

  5. Lol we kinda need some of that for ourselves at this point.
  6. we all exist together as an ooze bonded together by our actions we exist as a whole in society.
    You may feel like a small fish in a big pond but you are as mighty as civilization itself.

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