Human Trafficking at the Superbowl exist in the commerce dimension

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    My sovereign tactics studies in the prostitution laws and the Superbowl games show me that Jesus is real and can give you spiritual eyes into the dimension of the commerce. Physicists discovered through mathematical calculations that there may be infinite dimensions in the universe.
    I believe one of the dimensions is the commerce dimension. Unless there is paperwork filed to alter this dimension, the commerce dimension operates according federal and state statutes. There are commerce actors created by secret societies through magical work. These commerce actors operate according the individual's behavior.   Aleister Crowley said that there is no god but man. So man can alter this dimension by his actions. This commerce dimension can be altered by man or woman filing affidavits or notices that deny certain facts. These types of paperwork sometimes are called sovereign paperwork.
    None of the escorts or hobbyist that were arrested in the prostitution stings at the Superbowl filed affidavit of denying that they are not the “person” in state statutes or sign an affidavit of corporate denial before the prostitution sting.   In the commerce realm, there were children, associates, and board of directors that make up the corporate “person.”
    The “corporate person” is a prostitution ring or pedophiles ring in the context of prostitution. When the hobbyist (john) with them that came to hotel room to trade money for sex with the escort, he brought in the pedophiles ring which was made of horny Johns into the hotel room. The escort also brought in a prostitution ring into the hotel room.  
    When there was an agreement makes to exchange money for sex in the material dimension, the victims of human trafficking which were the commerce actors were purchased and trafficked from the prostitution ring into the John's pedophile ring in the commerce dimension. In the pedophile ring, the Johns engages in sexually abusing women and children.   While in the material dimension, there were only two consenting adults engaging in a victimless crime in most cases. 
    When the cops busted the johns and escorts, the johns and escorts were held responsible for engaging in prostitution. The actors in the commerce dimension who operated the corporate person, engaged in human trafficking, and sexually abused women and children got away with these crimes. The women and children in the commerce dimension were not rescued because police cannot rescue anyone in this dimension.
    Although there were 12-30 Johns and Escorts that got arrested at the Superbowl prostitution stings, Christian Rescue Workers estimated there were more than 100,000  women and children that were sold into sexual slavery. They failure specify it was only in the commerce dimension that 100,000 women and children that were trafficked into sexual slavery.  While in the material dimension, police didn't find the numbers of human trafficking victims that the Christian Rescue Workers claimed that existed.
    The intent of the founding fathers whose spirits RIP in the commerce dimension is this. The federal government regulates interstate prostitution. The state government regulates intrastate commerce. The American Law Institute regulates commercial prostitution. The American Law Institute is the “people” who are authorized by the 10th amendment to regulate commercial prostitution. Commerce is trading, intercourse, exchanging goods, or buying and selling goods between legal entities like corporation. Commercial is internal affairs of a legal entity.
    The massive human trafficking at the Superbowl that occurred in the commerce dimension was confirmed by the johns and escorts through court proceedings.  By not filing paperwork rebutting the human trafficking during the prostitution sting operation, they admitted there was massive human trafficking in the commerce dimension.  Without rebuttal, the fact stands as truth in commerce.
    I assumed that the Christian Rescue Workers didn't not come up with these incidents based on paralegal studies. I also assumed Christian Rescue Workers saw the massive human trafficking at the Superbowl in the commerce dimension through spiritual eyes given by Jesus Christ. If Jesus doesn't exist, he will not be able to give the Christian Rescue Workers eyes to see the dimension of commerce.
    I hope my sovereign tactics studies on the prostitution laws will convince people that Jesus is real. I hope my story will lead many people to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The state laws on prostitution, understanding of the corporate “ person” in statutes, no denial of human trafficking among the escorts or hobbyist arrested, my assumption that Christian Rescue Worker are seeing the commerce dimension, etc. are the evidences that Jesus Christ does exist and not some fictional character.  
    Many Christian Rescue Workers were discredited for creating the myth of human trafficking by sex workers right organizations. This is a myth in material dimension. But in the commerce dimension, this is truth. 
    "View Entire Chapter
    1.01 Definitions
    (3) The word “person” includes individuals, children, firms, associations, joint adventures, partnerships, estates, trusts, business trusts, syndicates, fiduciaries, corporations, and all other groups or combinations."   -Florida Statutes  Title I CONSTRUCTION OF STATUTES Chapter 1 DEFINITIONS

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