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  1. they tell us that we are mammals and come from monkeys. but the other day i was watching a video of this bird dancing, then i looked for a video of a monkey dancing. couldnt find one. where do birds come from? reptiles. birds are musically and rhythmically inclined as opposed to primates and mammals. also when you look at egyptian heiroglyphs, birds and bird-headed humanoids are commonplace. idk just some thoughts.
  2. some high thoughts. lol sorry
  3. So, because birds can bob their head to a beat.. People are reptiles?

    Reptiles/birds in pyramids? Mythological gods/aliens, you decide.
  4. Look up evolution.
  5. Super, super retarded theory you got there. No offence
  6. [ame=]Dancing Animals - YouTube[/ame]

    The bear one is especially funny.
  7. Should set well over at Above Top Secret
  8. im gonna assume u brought it up cuz we have music n dance. all/most animals display for mating in some way.
    chimps beat their chest n other things like drums. some birds sing, some are colorful, some build nests/lairs, some dance.
    perhaps, like everything else, we learned this from animals.

    *goes back to ancient aliens*
  9. Is this going to devolve into some kind of abovetopsecret style reptilian creatures are among us thread?

    If so, do they get stoned?
  10. Interesting..

  11. Have you seen the ancient aliens episode where they talk about the bird-headed humanoids in Egyptian hieroglyphs? They have a pretty interesting theory that would probably be considered absurd by most.
  12. im not saying we came from ONLY reptiles. but it seems that we have both primate and reptilian traits. read about the triune brain theory and the R-complex. our reptilian nature revolves around dominance nd control of our environment.

    Triune brain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. Now that you mention it I do have striking reptilian features. I mean, my dick looks like an anaconda for Christ's sake.
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    This fucking guy lmfao
  15. they've touched on it a bit. im just about to finish season 1
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    Hmm...mine looks like a garter snake
  17. real mature guys. real fuckin mature.

  18. d.n.a
  19. oooo and the thread is over in 3 small letters

    was a valiant effort for the reptile ppl:smoking:

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