Human mating season

Discussion in 'General' started by Matticus, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Why isn't there a mating season for humans? If you are the slightest believer in astrology, you'll find that cancer is by far the weakest sign and some signs have more desirable traits than others.

    I believe ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, two societies known for their astrological prowess, probably had some sort of rudimentary mating season. This is evident by their "living as one" harmonious nature.

    I do not believe in the day to day horoscopes, but the astrological profiles are quite accurate.

    I believe, in order for the human species to live in a harmonious nature with one another, we will have to adapt to specific mating seasons.
  2. It's called Spring Fever for a reason....
  3. It's the spring time. BELIEVE me. It's the spring.
  4. Everyday is mating season for me. :cool:
  5. Gaaahahahahha!

    I can't agree more :hello:

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