hulloh from mizzurahhh

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mcgill, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. hullohz, i wud like to introdeuce myselfs to this weeeed city website. ima so highhhhhhh right now that
    i feel like there is nuttin that can hurt me :wave:

    my name is erik muhgull and i hail from the great state of mizzurahhhhhh :hello:

    contactz me for da reel shitz dawg. i wud luv to smoke teh weeedz with u.


    Okay seriously. I started smoking weed last year during my freshman year of college, and it fucked my world. I started developing a bloodlust for "teh weedz" and ended up missing a lot of my classes. I also missed one of my finals because I fell asleep at 4 PM in the afternoon. What the fuck? I also suffer from bipolarism, depression, and ADHD so I take a shit ton of pills. Life fucking sucks man. BUT IM GOING TO BE THAT GUY OFF OF PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AND BE A PROCESS SERVER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE BECAUSE WEED RULESSSSSS.


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