huge stoner moment

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chiefdubleblunt, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. ok so the other day im chillin with some people at the park and we decide we want to get a we call up a dealer and hes like yeah ill be there in like 20 we all walk to town to get a we get it and we are walkin and we're like so where should we roll this up.......we decide to roll at this kids house we get there and we're like yo start breakin it up.......and suddenly we realize that we forgot to go to the park and get the tree........we got the tree and smoked our blunt in the end but dam.........that was a huge stoner moment........
  2. i did something like that. like telling a dealer that i'd smoke him up when he came by to sell to me and i walk out there and i have no piece and no money. :/
  3. That would never happen to me haha...unless I was stoned already. Otherwise, I'd be too stoked to pick that up. That would've sucked if you had just totally forgotten and just hung out with a wrap.

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