Huge hairy bud with problems maybe

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  1. I have posted on here many times so here is my problem

    I grew 2 plants in the same container, the right plant (Tangerine Dream) grew faster than the left plant (Red Dragon) so i had to flush for 4 days and cut the top of the right plant only, the plant is so bushy the bottom wasnt ready so I had to renute and grow the bottom half of right plant and the left plant.

    The left plant has an amazing top bud that is bigger than a 2liter bottle with alot of others almost as big, but the biggest top bud is getting a wierd white top that I think is yellowing the leaves and not sure if anything else.

    Please look at the 1st picture and blow it up and let me know what this is and what I should do. I would think the bud is ready to harvest accept the hairs are still standing up and none are red and dieing.

    The last three pictures are of the bottom right plant that is so crystaled up.

    1st grow please help

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  2. I'm guessing it's just the result of the flush, how long ago did you renute the res? If it's not a deficiency it looks like it could also be the start of some light bleaching, how far away is the top of the bud from the light?

    EDIT: Excellent job on your first grow by the way, remarkable results.
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    Thats what it looks like to me, too.

    Very nice grow by the way.
  4. It is a very good looking grow but I think the issue is from the flush to the high nutrient dose. I would bet you went from a 0 or near 0 ppm flush back to normal peak blooming ppm's? Now you have a nutrient overdose from the drastic swing. I come to this conclusion for a few reasons. One- Any drastic ppm swing will stress the plant. Two- flushing really should still have nutrients but a much lower strength to avoid water stress on the roots aka reverse osmotic stress, causing them to drink more then they want in search of nutrients. Very little nutrients and the plant can still leach stored mobile nutes. And three- The burnt tips of the leaves shows high nutrient levels. Umm lemme take a wild guess?? Advanced nutrients??
  5. The light is a 1000 watt and it was about 14 inches away. I moved it to 2 ft away

    It is advance nutes and I did go from flower to just water then back to same dosage of flower nutes but i remember this starting off before i flushed but i thought it was just buds filling in.

    The bud is solid and still looks like it needs more time but it has been 105 days total grow and 56 days flower.

    I think i stressed it a few times

    What should i do, just let it grow untill i see red hairs and alot of tricoms because it looks like it just begging to get tricoms.

    Thanks for the help and comments
  6. If it started before you flushed, it sounds like it could have been light bleaching. a 1K watt light puts out tons of lumens at 14 inches, I've had some of my taller tops this cycle get bleached from my 600 watt at the same distance. I'd continue growing it with their bloom food, as you get closer to harvest start slowing down on the feeding until you're ready to do a final flush. From the look of the buds though you still have a decent amount of time before they ripen, almost all the pistils are still white and the calyx's aren't swelling up.

    You're going to get a killer harvest if you make sure to take good care of them during these last couple weeks, keep up the good work!
  7. I appreciate it.

    I follow the guide in the picture to the T so I was going to do a water change tonight and move to the rippen stage for a week or two hen flush for 10 days.

    do you think the buds look ready for that or should I do week 10 on the chart again then ripen for a week then flush for 10 days.

    Also the bottom half of the right (Last 3 pictures from above)plant is ready what should i do about that?

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  8. I would be willing to bet you are having calcium and magnesium problems. Prolly wasn't getting enough in the beginning, then you flushed. This made the root zone fresh and ready for nutes but only a little is needed bcuz the roots have been cleared. Now you feed full strength and the plants roots are locking out nutrients due to being shocked! Always flush with something in the water. Cal mag works great and also sweet from botanicare, it has magnesium. Even molasses will suffice! Flushing with tap water is ok as it has disolves minerals in it. But, if you are using RO water, you must add something or else you will actually leach water and nutrients from the plant. Plant will look like it needs to be watered even though it already has been!

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    If your Tangerine Dream plant is ready to harvest I would flush again, then for the Red Dragon, it seems like a longer budding sativa dominant flower so personally I would stick with the week 10 schedule, and if you see the buds starting to ripen up switch to ripen then flush.

    It looks like Red Dragon will be a longer flowering strain so I think you can get away with another quick flush to provide optimal smoke quality for the TD.

    EDIT: looking over the pics of the Red Dragon again I can't spot a single amber pistil or any signs of them receding, it appears to still be pumping out bud growth steadily still.
  10. Your red dragon could take up to 75 days per the breeders info, which means it could go 80 days easily!;) I'd be real careful flushing her as it could cause more problems, also, if you do flush just do a 5 day one, I never flush more than 7 days in hydro as its only nessesary in soil where the soil holds the nutes, with hydro once you dump your nutes all the nutes are gone and the plant begins to eat its leaves for food.:)
  11. The above is true, any change you make to the res will effect the plants immediately, whereas with soil and most soil-less mediums it has a buffering period.
  12. I really appreciate the help

    I think the bud is light bleached so i raised the light up to 3 1/2' away

    Will it continue to bleach? what do i

    The plant on the right is amazin looking so sticky and crystaled but i am going to have to run it for 2 to 3 more weeks i guess because the red dragon smells amazing.

    So the red dragon should get red hairs and 60 to 70 % die back before i harvest right

    Should i flush with tap water or distilled? and should i use cal mag & ph down
  13. I use a microscope to see the trichomes to ensure that I have enough milky/amber ratio as well as the general overall appearance when determining when to prepare to chop, I like my weed for pain and fun so I sometimes do a split harvest where I'll grab the riper buds(ones on top) first and then wait till the rest get to that pain relief doneness of 50-60% amber. :)

    My theory on final water for flush is, tap water if its not toxic(above 250ppm) otherwise distilled/RO and I don't bother with pH as I could careless if it is in the right zone, I'm not looking to make nutes available to the plant so why should I care if its high or low as long as its not like vinegar i.e. if you can drink it its good enough!:devious::smoking:
  14. Also, keep a close watch on that big bud for mold.:eek: make sure you have a fan blowing on it 24/7.;)
  15. 3.5 ft should be good for a 1k watt light, it's good you have the vertical space to allow to raise it that much. I'm in a position where I have to just deal with light bleached colas this time around, didn't plan for them getting this tall.

    EDIT: This post is worth 2 420's.
  16. yeah that sucks do you agree it is light bleached? and do i leave it alone and trim off after drying.

    Also how many mpre weeks you think i have total on the red dragon big bud?
  17. Has she started to recover, cause by now I'd think you should have seen some improvement or atleast no more bleaching. I've personally never had to deal with bleaching so I'm not sure about removing the messed up leaves but I think that once the problem is fixed the coloration should return. By the way you may also try lowering your ppms a couple hundred points if the problem persists as its natural for the plant to need less nutes near the end.;) I'd say you have atleast 2 weeks before it will be done maybe 3, you just have to keep watch and when it looks like its finishing up then do the flush thing.:)
  18. On the removing leaves topic the general rule of thumb is leave everything that's not over 50% damaged. Any leaf under half 50% damaged should stay.
  19. Hehehe that blue face is perfect!

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