Huge fixed stem, Hot off the lathe

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    This was literally JUST put together, a prototype of sorts.

    90mm to 28mm, no foot yet lol
    24mm joint
    4 arm fixed stem w/ a downstem INSIDE it.

    Shit is huge =o



    Bad video, sorry (Also, if anyone could tell me how to embed videos from Photobucket that would be sweeeeet)

  2. Drag queeen, could use less water, could use more holes
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    Hah, yea right..

    More like 18 inches if 90mm tube. That's almost twice as wide as 50x5,
  4. I normally don't do this bro, but that seriously is a prototype lol. Probably shouldn't bother putting a foot on it... it took 15 seconds just to milk up the bottom half of the tube.
  5. That thing is huge.
  6. Meh, I guess you kids don't like giant bongs for the fun of it?

  7. No it looks fun, and painful.
  8. I'm 6 years old what is this
  9. No offense man but........ew
  10. no offence but it looks like you got some wine bottle n such and slapped it together, the stem just looks a mess
  11. Fuck y'all *****s =]
  12. unlike most people on here i want to say good job... keep working on the lathe, and experimenting. do you really think the guys a toro, lw, sg, etc came up with the tubes they have marketed just over night? no, these things take time and dedication. i would hoot that bitch for sure..
  13. lol ppl are being such dicks
  14. Nice work man. :smoke:
  15. it's not that bad, just looks a little bit odd and draggy, looks like theres one hole on each arm, just could use more holes/slits to clear easier. Didn't have to make the arms so long, the stem so high.
  16. thats a very hard weld to do, nice work. what kind of glass lathe do you have? Im thinking of pickin up a litton soon.

    You should pick up a jig to do tree percs, i make some 10 arms and you could easily machine out a 22 or somthing for that size tubing lol. Dope stuff.
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  18. Not nearly as good as all the tubes that xploit, JESUSgotNAILED and tokinblade have produced, they're real innovators and gods on the lathe.

    Oh wait...
  19. It's a prototype, what can I say. Slapped it together real quick to see if the downstem in a treeperc would work
  20. Yeah, he's on his way though.

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