Huge bust!!

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  1. dunno if this was posted, but the pictures or amazing.

    Huge Pot Bust

    This grow was underneath a house in a cave. The entrance was through a secret hydraulic door in the Garage that led to a concrete ramp that went about 50 yards into the ground. Inside the cave was living quarters and a secret escape hatch that Led you through a tunnel that exited via another hydraulic door that opened up a rock on the outside.

    The set up Allowed them to harvest every 60 days which resulted in multi-million Dollar sales. One of the guys busted was living in a house on the water in FL. and had a nice yacht. One of the agents here in Nashville worked on this for 5 years Before the warrant was finally served in December.

    Look at the pictures

  2. been posted several times :D
  3. Ahhh!!! Haha... sorry, that's just been posted SO much and it's SO old. But I understand people posting it again, it is pretty much every pot heads dream to have a secret bat cave full of weed. :)

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