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huge blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Owen, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. I was thinking of making a giant blunt, the plan is to take a big cigar, cut it open, remove the tobacco, fill it with some weed and be done! I'm thinking this is going to be about 7 grams of weed right? thanks!:smoking:
  2. im down to see you roll a quarter blunt.
  3. I can only do it if I can get a pipe or not from my friend
  4. Slaterr!! haha thats funny as hell im watching dazed and confused highh as helll hahaa:smoke::smoke:
  5. Lmao no way you're rollin 7gs into a blunt.

    But shit, let's see what you got... post some pics when youre done haha
  6. if u do roll this 7g blunt i doubt you could finish it. I mean u would be beyond gone!
  7. please post pics if you accomplish packing 7g's into a blunt
  8. i think it is possible but you would need a fat cigar wrap. And also a person that actually can roll it. Its harder than it looks!
  9. good idea, im gonna do it soon as i get some money...and if this threads still open ill post pics.....and straight off the bat im gonna guarantee ill finish it haha
    i will

    but yeah good idea man, i have thought of doing it before, but never did it....u encouraged me and for that i give u rep :)

    post pics fool....take a pic of the bud before u put it in too, this way we know exactly what ur dealing with. i need to go take a shower lol i do.
  10. glad i could help. I believe you can do it but just realize that is about 100 buck your gonna smoke. You better do something memorable
  11. I rolled an 8 gram blunt this year but i used a super blunt wrap cut in half. Or lick and stick a few blunt wraps together.
  12. I know it always seems like a great idea to roll a huge ass doob.. but it actually wastes the weed. Sad to say.. but it burns faster than you can smoke it, so it's really not worth it.
    Sorry man, reg joints are the best.. lol.
  13. a 7 gram blunt sounds class but its a serious waste of weed. where i am 7 grams of weed is 100 euro. thats a lot of money to waste on one session. when u get high ur not gonna keep gettin higher and higher if ya keep smokin. preserve ur weed and get more enjoyment out of it.
  14. Dont slice it just pack it. Take the big cigar roll it between your two hands back and forth the tobacoo will fall out. Once all the tobacy is gone it will be a big hollow shell. Grind up some weed and start to fill it back up. Take the back of a pen and pack it down every so often. Doing this though you will need 15 to 25 grams depending on the size of the cigar.

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