Huge beginer, starting indoor grow. questions.

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  1. so yeah, this is my first indoor grow, i tried an outdoor grow this year and it failed

    ive already germiated my seeds, got them in the pots, and the first 4 leaves have just sprouted out (its been about 3 days)

    so here are my questions:

    1. should i leave them on 24/0 lighting? or 18/6? and if so, how long should i keep it like this??

    2. how often should i water them? i was told whenever its dry, but sometimes its hard to judge, and i dont want to overwater, about how many times a week should i water them??

    3. i have miracle grow, should i use a little of this like once a month on these?? if not, how can i give my plants nutrients??

    any other beginer indoor tips would be helpfull, thanks gc!!
  2. Would really appreciate some help here dudes! best vibes to all , thanks!
  3. You have many questions that there's not one answer for ! Some people have grown for years and are still changing there technique.

    Many things depend on your setup. i.e. soil or hydro, how big of containers, light source, ventilation, ect.

    I've learned over the years -- KISS -- Keep it simple stupid !

    Start growing in soil and water when the soil starts to dry out. Fertilize one a week with a very weak solution in the beginning. Not recommended to use Miracle Grow. Do some research on organic growing with guanos and molasses. This is a good place to start before add more complications.

    Remember feeding less is always better than over feeding and over watering. Believe me I've done it !!!

  4. I know you want to get started and get some input from people but, it's REALLY frustrating for members who take A LOT of time to create MANY "stickies" with A LOT OF USEFUL INFO and then have questions like these appear on the forum CONSTANTLY!
    Your questions could really be answered by reading any of the "Beginners stickies" so, that's probably the reason you're not getting many responses.

    As for your questions:
    1. 24/0 or 18/6 is a matter of preference. I use 24/0 but know of A LOT of others that use 18/6 so use what you're comfortable with. Lighting will stay this cycle until your ready to start flowering your girls, unless you're using an "autoflower" strain.
    2. Whenever they're dry is correct. Most people use their finger or a skewer and poke it down into the soil, if its dry up to your first knuckle or about an inch and a half go ahead and water.
    3. I wouldn't suggest Miracle Grow. I personally use Fox Farms but, there is PLENTY of other info regarding nutes and when to use them on this site.

    I hope this helped get you started and I STRONGLY suggest you do your homework and READ some of the info that's ALREADY available to you from the other members in the stickies!
    Good Luck! :smoke:

  5. hey many sorry, i browsed through them and didnt really see anything basic that i needed, most of the stuff was for middle level growers, talking about PH level of the soil and stuff like that.

    thanks alot for your answers! it is my dream to successfully grow my own true bud plant and be able to smoke it, ty so much and best vibes to u bro!
  6. Seedlings are a little different, if you let them dry out like you would/should an adult plant the poor seedling will fall over. How often you water them will really depend on a lot of things (type of soil, humidity in room, temperature, size of pot, etc), I start my seedlings in a quart of dirt usually and water it every other day for the first week to ten days. Once it has a few nodes under it then you should let it dry out more between waterings.

  7. 24/0 untill your ready to flower. read 1st link in my sig. water when top 2" of soil is dry, or when pot is light when lifted, water about every 3-4 days

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