Huge 11 fingered fan leafs~

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    These are off my Kings Kush plant that is currently 2 weeks into flowering...
    These fan leaves are absolutely massive so I thought it was worth sharing.

    Im planning on saving all of mine, maybe try to make some fan leaf hash, who knows?
    Post about your experiences with huge fan leaves..:D

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  2. My weed comes leaf free ;)

  3. cause you don't grow?
  4. i think hes trying to be clever cause that winky.
    i dont know.

    i also have not grown any dank ass shit like that but i did a guerrilla grow few summers ago and also made hash with all the leaves and even a little bud i threw in there so i knew it wouldnt be a waste. laced with hash

    [ame=]Mac Dre - Laced With Hash - YouTube[/ame]

    laced with hash one of my fav mac dre songs

  5. Someone give Mr. Holmes here a medal.
  6. OP, juice the leaves. The juice will not get you stoned, but from what I've read its very healthy for you.

  7. Ive never heard about juicing leaves, but I would make hash w/ the leaves. I belive you need about 100 grams of leaves to make some decent hash and that WILL get you high.

    A full grown plant should deff get more than 100 grams of leaves

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