Hubbabubbasmelloscope and pineapple Express

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  1. I don't know how people take pics with these clip scopes. In any event here are the best pics I could get. How many days until optimum chop. Middle of the road between heady buzz and coach lock eta

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  2. Yum. They look like they're well on the way. I cant usually make out shit with them little magnifying loupes but i'm sure there's some amber thrichomes there
  3. Gotta have at least 25% amber (or you need at least that to pull). Maybe shoot for 50% for what you're going for. The Pineapple is gonna be a couch lock buzz anyway. I grew some of that once and had a horrible time with it. Just didn't like my grow situation I guess. I live in the SE U.S. and heat and humidity are the name of the game here so indicas don't do well in general over the summer and that's when I was messing with the stuff. I'm so dang blind to begin with that I have to wear 2 pair of glasses to make out those scopes. LOL TWW
  4. I started to flush the hubbabubbasmelloscope about 7 days ago and wasn't sure if I can start flushing the pineapple Express yet. Both are autos. I started germinating the Hubba exactly 81 days ago and the P.e. was 74 days ago from the day I put the seed into paper towels. This is my first grow of autos.
  5. Oddly enough the pineapple Express was the one I struggled with most out of the 5 plants. My first grow was White Widows and northern lights and I didn't have any real issues. This grow I had 5. The Hubbabubbasmelloscope is 7 days ahead of the 2 OG Kush and 2 PE. This one PE seems to be far more sensitive then all others, at least in the beginning. I literally need to prop it up since it's about half the size as all others but it's super fat. It's even half the size of the other PE. In any event the hubbabubbasmelloscope and one PE (in pics above) seem to be a week or two ahead of the others so I might chop the hubbabubbasmelloscope over the weekend and start the PE flush today and chop in about 10 days. What does anyone reading this far think.

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