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HTG Grow Tent?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by nugmasterflash, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys..

    High Tech Garden Supply
    Is this grow tent any good? I can get it new for $125 on craigslist and seeing as I'm strapped for cash, it seems like a decent purchase. Thanks!
  2. Ive never used it but have only heard good things about it. Good luck
  3. Also should have mentioned that I currently have 6 clones that will go into the thing under a 400w HPS, think there will be enough room if they aren't vegged very long? Also, where would the carbon scrubber go? (CanFan 33) Is there just not enough room for that??
  4. You can hang the filter from the top is how others have done it. Sucks the hot air too..

    6 plants is a little much for a 400w to be honest. a 400w Ive read can cover a 3x3 effectivly so take that into consideration.
  5. Decent tent for sure, you'll only know after the fact if its right for your needs. It'll accommodate a 400w set nicely. I dunno if six will push the limits, depends on how big you want them to grow don't you think? Toss a circulating fan up in that bitch to move sum air and you should be right as rain my friend.

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