htg ballast = causing problems..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sizzlasia, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. one of my 600 watt bulbs randomly burned out after only being on for about a month and a half..

    i'm pretty sure its the ballast because for one theres no reason for it to go bad so quick, and two, when THAt particular ballast is plugged in somehow it causes other circuits in my house to pop that the ballast is not even on.. how that works is beyond me. The circuit that that ballast is plugged into has never popped (garage), but somehow it causes my room breakers to pop even when nothing is plugged into them.

    be weary of digital greenhouse ballasts...
  2. that sucks, i just bought a 1000wattt digi from them,green house too. it came from htg. its the orange one
  3. This doesn't sound like anything to do with the ballast but maybe the wiring of your house. I use a 400w Digital Greenhouse and it works fantastically. How would something not even on affect your house? That does not make logical sense I would check else where for problems.
  4. I purchased my 400 watt ballast from htg and ehe only problem I had was with my Metal halide light which kept turning off for no reason. I went to lowes and purchased a new one and it took care of the problem. other than that my light has been working fine. i've had it for the last year.
  5. I guess I will add to this thread that on the same circuit I also have HTG Supplys 150w HPS as well. Not only this stuff but a 6" Vortex, 4" Sunleaves Fans and about 6 CFLS and 3 other circulation fans. I have never had any problems with any of there products and I have ordered a 400w HPS for a friend before who also hasnt had a problem in over 2 years of use.

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