HSO Trainwreck grow/smoke report

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  1. Strain: Trainwreck (fem)

    Seed bank: Humbolt seed org

    Medium: Promix, 10 year garden compost, roots organic soil mix, with xtra vermiculite, pearlite, and ancient forest added.

    Container: 3 gal smart pot

    Light kind and schedule: 400w m.h. For veg. 24/0 for 1 week, 20/4 for 1 week, and 18/6 for 2 weeks. 600w h.p.s. For flower @ 12/12

    Nutrients: General Organics (whole line), and i also use A.A.C.T. (activly aerated compost tea) my tea is the above mentioned garden compost, sifted through a screen to remove unwanted big particles, humic acid, molasses, kelp, guano, and a few other secret ingrediants. It received the tea about every other week(adjusted for plants needs)

    seedling: started in jiffy puck hydrated in a.a.c.t. @ 78f, sprouted within 3-4 days. After a week was transplanted into a 1 gal pot. Few days more she got hungry so i fed her 1/4 strength veg nutes and she shot sraight into veg.

    Veg: very vigorous plant, she grew like wildfire! Noticeable increase every day. Heavy feeder as well, i fed her at double the recommended dosage on the G.O. Feeding chart with the supplemental a.a.c.t. And no burn (love the Gen. Organics) although they say she is mostly sativa on their web site, she grew very bushy. And has a wonderfully rich dark green look. nd very tight nodes, (less than an inch on most). Very mild smell in veg but give her a shake and man she will let you smell her. Last week of veg went to fim and topped accidentally, but glad i did. She loved it and exploded outwards. Overall veg time, 30 days. @ 11" tall 15" wide. Would def recommend Lst. Hst. And scrog for this one. Wide and branchy.

    Bloom: she did stretch but not quite double. Finished out at 17" tall and 26" wide. After about a week the first pistils started showing up, and by the third she was starting to show off some nice hairy baby buds, and boy were there a lot of em! This thing was covered in bud sites. Very impressive early on. And by the 4th or 5th week she had begun packing on some serious trichs. Very very impressive on resin production early on. Her smell was very fruity and sour, kinda reminded me of sour apple candy with a touch of funk. By week 6 she started to really show off buds were swelling like crazy all the while getting very frosty. This is a real contender in the trichome ring. @ week 7 she had taken on a whole new smell and was glistening in her glory. The buds were very compact and dence, long and spear shaped. They started at the bottom node and went all the way tothe end. Very hairy strain, lots of pistils on this one. @ 8 and a half weeks about 90% of trichs were cloudy and 80% of the pistils were red. So i flushed her with 6 gal of plain water and put her in the dark room for 5 days. Overall time in flower 9 weeks. And she was very easy to grow and love, heavy feeder all the way through, and no problems to speak of.

    HARVEST: after the dark period she put on some weight and extra trichs, so time to chop. Such a bittersweet day! @ harvest the buds smell very exotic. Sweet, sour, skunky, and funky. Kinda like pineapples, green apple, and a little like the inside of a pumpkin (if you know what i mean) mixed with some skunk. A truly unique smell imo. Dry weight before cure was 94.37g. A little under 4oz making this a good commercial strain as well.

    Overall growing this was quite fun and easy. I would def recommend you give this one a try in the future, she has earned her keep in my garden(currently have 3 more in bloom, one in veg;mom, and 3 more cuts in the humidome) i give this girl a solid 10 on the grow.

    Smoke report
    HSO Trainwreck (fem) 2 week cure

    *= bad

    Smell: exotic fruits, apples, and some funky almost skunky undertones. I think it smells like green apples and pineapple inside of a pumpkin with a bit of a sickly rotten fruit funk undertone. If that makes sense.lol! Very unique

    Tastej similar to the smell in the inhale, but more funky and hashy on the exhale, not the best tasting but very good still.

    Effect/duration: this hits you fast and hard, like a train for sure. Starts behind your eyes with a warm buzzing sensation, then moves straight to tje brain fo a very social high, great for getting your day going right. Leaves you feeling alert and calm, yet still hard to do anything that requires a lot of concentration, if you have a low tolerance you may want to take it easy. Also not great if you have panic attacks, could easily trigger one.(found that out the hard way) the up sativa buzz lasts about an hour and a half, then right into a hard crash that leaves you pretty wrecked for another hour or so. Overall pretty potent stuff. Def not for the first time smoker as the company description claims.
    Rating:**** (the only reason its not 5 stars is that its a little too strong for me)

    Bag appeal: very nice lime green spear buds, that are very frosty, and very hairy. I think it is beautiful and so does lall of the 12-15 other people who have sampled it.

    Overall: *****

    Absolutly one of my all time favotite strains to grow, smoke, and love. Just have to remember to take it easy on this one. Well i hope this report helps anyone interested in this variety, stay green and this hits for you grass city! Peace
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    Great pick to grow. I'm growing some myself. Mine is 2 weeks old and doing great. Check out my journal it has my name in the tittle.
  3. Very well written and detailed report. Thanks for that. Got this one lined up next with a Female Seeds C99.

  4. Hey KI! how would u rate this strain now since u have grew it? does this strain have good mold resistance? i have Ghs trainwreck and i was thinking of picking up this Tw to compare the two. i know this is a old post but hopefully u can shed some light on this strain for me..

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