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  1. ok today i went and got 3 HPS light bulbs from home depot, they were 150w a peice.. but for some strange reason, they dont work in ANY of my light sockets!! why is that.. i know there not broken cause i have a total of 3 and what are the chances of having 3 broken lights? they worked in the store... someone tell me whats upppppp
  2. HPS bulbs need a HPS socket and ballast system to work. They will not work in a resular fixture. You have to have a HPS fixture to make them work.
  3. I just switched to HPS too. What ya gotta do (if you don't wanna spend $250) is go to home depot and go to their lighting. They should have 2-3 different kind of HPS fixtures. I got one of the $50 ones. It says you have to hard wire it to a wall fixture, but that's a bitch, so don't worry about that. I talked to a couple guys at home depot and they said that there is no risk in wiring it to a heavy duty extension cord. So I did, just use a lot of electrical tape, and don't be stupid about it. It came with its own bulb and every thing works great. Good luck man!

  4. Howdy folks this is cornmeal haystacks. I'm brand new to the site and find it extremely informative. I'm just starting out and am a little green behind the ears. Not new at the smoking game but new in the green thumb field. Got tired of paying ridiculous amounts of ben franklins and G.W's. Bear with me if I ask some downhome stupid questions but us farmboys are none too bright. Went to Lowes home improvement center to buy an HPS light. No employee including the lighting speacialist knew what a HPS light was. so I came back to the farm empty handed. Can somebody please tell this simple country boy what a HPS light is so I can purchase one. What do the initials stand for? I have floros but was hoping for something a bit brighter. If ya'll can help me I'll send everyone the best pigknuckles and hen eggs they done ever tasted.
  5. high pressure sodium, the same thing as the orange streetlights or security lights.

    I got my own chickens, so you keep your eggs

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