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  1. So I'm using led but wanna switch to hps I'm growing in a tent that is 24x24x48 4 total sq.ft would I need a exhaust if I leave the tent open and I have a ac in the same room where my tent is could I get away with just running the light

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  2. depends what wattage of hps, how many fans you got, and what temp the room stays. i have a 400watt hps in a 4x4. my ventilation came in broken so i've had to keep both doors and all of the holes open. the room it's in is about 68F average. the canopy stays around 79-83, i have one fan pointed at the light and another one pointing between canopy and light. i have noticed heat stress. you could get away with it, but i'd say just buy the ventilation because the temp has been a pain in my ass
  3. What size HPS?
    As long as you have a fan circulating air in the tent, then yes, you should be ok as long as it's in a temp controlled(AC) room.
  4. Regardless of temp issues or type of lighting you should always have an exhaust it a tent for proper air exchange and a nice steady supply of fresh co2
  5. I have one big fan oscillating on themand another about 14 inches big pointed straight up at the lights both tents door open all holes open and ac on in the same room temps at 83 rite now

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  6. I think that sounds good. Although 83 may be a tad warm.
  7. Thinking 250 between 400 eBay got a deal with zo kool tube but no fan

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  8. Starlitsky just want some good opinion before I jump out even tho I love my led but I been wanting hps for a while

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  9. You will want a fan. If you get over 85 it will slow the plants down a lot.
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  10. Dude - with all due respect, this is your third thread about the same thing.
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  11. Never got a option every start comparing light on the last two just wanted honest opinions mick foster

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  12. Ok. Peace.
  13. just buy the ventilation dude, you're going to have to keep the light far away from the plants, which will reduce yield and it'll never work if you keep your room in the 80's. it at least needs to be in the 60's, so you'll be using the AC a lot more and that'll be pricey anyways.

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  14. 80s are ok, just not high 80s....lol i consistantly run 82 84 no probs.

    With 6in ductfan running full blast.
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  15. what wattage is your hps?
    what's the cfm of the fan?
    do you have a carbon filter hooked up to it?

    i'm still trying to figure out what i need to buy for my tent. i have a 4" carbon filter that's not hooked up but i'm thinking i need a 6" fan to keep the tent at 80 or below

    and i was just saying he keeps his room the tent will be in at 83. my hps adds 20 degrees even with two fans on it. it'll be well over 80's in the tent
  16. Im running 3 1000w in a 10x10 room with ac and a 6in 440cfm fan holding 82 and its 80 outside.

    I live in a medical state and abide by all state laws. Have been a patient for 8 years.
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