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  1. Just wondering what the differences are between these to lights?

    How is a MV light different to a HPS, aren't they both HID lights? I need a little educating!! :)

    When people talk fluro's what type of fluro excactly are they refering too?
  2. Indica is the light expert on MVs, HPSs, and MHs

    any type of fluoro will work but the grow bulbs work better. But for a newbie, you can't really tell the difference between a regular fluoro and a gro fluoro.
  3. Yes....they are all HID....High Intensity Discharge
    MV..mercury vapor
    MH..metal halide
    HPS..high pressure sodium

    Mercury vapor is the oldest hid family type...the color spectrum is in the violet/blue,and yellow/orange range ...with very low lumen per watt ratio,,which makes it unsuitable for any type of horticulture.(light appears bluish).

    Metal halide is is the most efficient white light producing bulb available to the horticulturist...with it's spectrum mainly in the violet/green/yelloworange/red range and a high lumen per watt ratio,,which makes this an ideal overall horticulturaly sound light to use.Ideal for "whole grow"(light appears white).

    HPS is the most efficient HID light source,,with it's spectrum mainly in the green/yellow/orange range....with excellent lumen per watt ratio making it an excellent choice for flower production(simulates harvest sun).(light appears orangeish).this has also been used with success for "whole grow" with many strains of cannabis..

    When you read of "flouro's" this refers to any type of flourescent light,,whether it be tubular,spiral,circular,or newly developed compact flourescent..

    that's a brief summary....hope it helped

  4. Thanks Ndica! That all makes perfect sense. I've been reading up on lights and it can get confusing. :)

  5. Understandable....thats what I'm here for....good luck


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