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  1. I use a 540w combination of CFL bulbs in my seedling grow box, which is 65x65cm or 0.3 square meters.
    Now, for my flowering room, which I intend to build, I need to choose between a 400/600/1000 HPS bulb and some sort of LED bulb.
    I don't know how big the room will be, but since each plant will likely take 50cmx50cm at full growth, and I have 5 plants, I figured 1.5mx1.5m is adequate.
    The question is what matters more - the space itself (1.5mx1.5m) or the amount of plants in the room.
    For instance, if I'm not covering the entire room with plants (because I can fit up to 9 plants in a 1.5mx1.5m room), do I still need 1000w?
    Either way, how does this compare to an LED?
    I'm going to be spending something like 250-300$ for the entire HPS setup, so spending say 350$ for a 700w LED lamp seems like a decent idea.
    Like this - http://www.ebay.com/itm/5W-Chipset-Newest-Universal-Mars-700W-Led-Grow-Light-9Band-IR-hydroponic-Lamp-/380621785777?pt=US_Hydroponics&hash=item589ed38ab1
    What do you guys say?

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    HPS, first time using it as im more of an outdoor grower, just harvested always went CFL before but i've never had desnser stickier buds before it seems to at least double the weight and quality, i'd keep to only using it during flowering though.
    LED is good but the technology really needs to be improved as of now HPS is overall better IMO.
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  3. Hey guys, im on a budget and was planning on getting 1x 600w hps lamp, a strip light (same as cfl?) And make up for the rest with my fathers wide collection of LED torches/lamps. Do you think this will be sufficient? I will be growing 2 or 3 plants. Also what wattage of cfl light should i look for? Thanks for any help you can give, i want to do this right as i only have like 5 seeds which i found in an oz of afghan last week :)Sent from my GT-S6810P using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. why bother with every thing else if you're gonna get the 600? (You're gonna get the ballast and all the stuff tot run the bulb too, yes?)
    that's plenty of light for a first time grow IMNSHO.
  5. I figured it would be plenty powerful enough, just that it wouldnt cover enough area/leave bits of plant in shadow. Many people have said hps is best, however could i get similar results with, say, a 20w fl strip light, 3 or 4 cfl lamps and shitloads of led's? Or is hps worth the extra cash?Sent from my GT-S6810P using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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