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  1. Have a 250W hps and want a bulb that throughs more blue onto the girls. Looked at the hps bulbs that cover a wide spectrum. I plan on putting a mh 250W in there and put the 250W hps at the start of flowering. My ballast nor fixture says anything on it about taking a MH and I dont remember the company that it was purchased through. Can I put a 250W MH in it without worrying about dammage to my equipment?

    Thank You
  2. Not if the ballast is an HPS only, U'll need a conversion. Some are both, my SUNBEAM 400w ballast is both HPS and MH and auto switches.

    What's the make, no stickers or any markings?
  3. Nothing is wrote on the ballast or the reflector for the use of MH bulbs.

    Should I just by a hps bulb that has the wide spectrum of blue and reds that can be used for vegging and flowering?

    If this is what is recomended can you reference one that would be a good choice?

    Thank You
  4. Did some research and they make a bulb called a MHC bulb (metal halide conversion bulb) which replaces your HPS system and allows you to place this bulb into the fixture will this setup work in my sistuation since I am pretty sure I can only run a HPS bulb?
    I think that this bulb is different then your ordinary MH bulb which would only work in your ballast if the ballast was set up for a HPS or MH bulb.

    The second option is to by a HPS bulb that is described as a wide spectrum bulb that covers the blue and red/orange spectrum of light that would work for veging and flowering which one should I go with?

    I am pretty sure my system wont except the MH bulb so I am looking for the best possible set of for favoring the vegging stage while still using my ballast and fixture.

    Thank You

    I sure this is a common question but would like the best possible growing conditions for my girls!
  5. if you cant find a sticker or anything anywhere on it saying it will take a MH bulb then i wouldnt do it, you might damage your ballast or cause a fire.

    and hps lights, some do have blue spectrum bot not alot, not as much as you want.
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    Yeah dude, a MH conversion bulb will work great on your 250w HPS ballast. I have a 250w HPS ballast, and for vegging I use a 250w MH conversion bulb. Then I replace that bulb with my normal 250w HPS bulb for flowering. Works great. HTG supply used to have 250w conversion bulbs, but I can't find any at the moment (their smallest is 400w). Here is one I did find:

  7. Thank You... calling around to see if there is anything in the area...
  8. Thal bulb on the link wont burn in the horizontal position it is only runs 15 degrees of of the vetical point took me about an hour to figure that one out...Need some more advice.


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