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  1. My HPS reflector hood says it can cover 5m of grow space. How accurate is this? I have a 1.5x1.x5 width tent and was wondering if 1 600w hps would be adequate lighting for 10 autoflowers in 10 litre pots.
    Usually my autos in 10 litres pots get to 90cm tall.

    I do have some secondary CFL lights in can use to supplement lumens

    What do you think
  2. 5m or 5 square feet ?
  3. Yeah a 600 watt will handle about 4-6 full size plants.... There 5-7 gallon pots.... You have about a 4ft x 4ft area with a lil on the sides....
    Now if your growing small plants and I mean small you can fit 15... But they want produce anything.... It works off space per light so really twenty lil ones put off same as 4-6 big ones... And the big ones will have normal size buds as those lil ones want be no huge buds...

    You can usually look at leaf size.... The bucket will only allow so big for size of bucket.... Smaller all around size of leaves means smaller buds most the time.... Good luck BUDdy
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  4. The hood says 5 metres yeah not feet
  5. I plan on having 10 80-100cm plants
  6. Seems like you may need a 1000 watt or two 600s
  7. You have nowhere near enough space in a tent that size for 10 plants and no, 600 watts of HPS light is not enough to flower 10 autoflowers. I wouldn't flower more than one plant with it if it were me, 2 max. You can harvest more from a single plant that gets all the good quality and wattage of light it needs and is tended properly, than you can by trying to flower 3 in the same space. Of course, raising a light will cover more plants but it lessens the effect of the light. To get the most out of your lighting, you need to have it as close to the plants as possible without fear of light burn. We use 1000 watt HPS fixtures and 2 plants per light is all I do. Right now, we average between 3.5 and 4 oz per plant after dry and cure. It's all about the light source for each plant you flower with an indoor setup. When you think about it, the "standard" is the sun and man has come up with nothing that will even come close to the sun. More light means better plants and crowding out the light you do have with too many is just shooting yourself in the foot. TWW
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  8. How much of a yeild do you have per plant in this space and what nutes inbox me
  9. It depends really.... Everything plays a factor.... Pot size- 5-7 gallons I use 5....I veg between 1.5-2 months....I use the dry FF trio and the liquid trio as well but the dry ones are the only ones that will make big difference as the liquid ones are super low doses....
    Always try to get 7-9 week flowering plant....I average btw 2-4 oz plant...2 on the short veg side and 3 sometimes 4 on the long veg side... Hope this helps.... Good luck BUDdy
  10. do you start out in a solo cup for seedlings then move directly to your 5 gallon?

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