Hps mistake!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chief Tokem, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. how's it going everybody.

    went to go check out the plants last night and the light wasnt turned on when it should have been, kinda freaked me out a little bit and i looked to check what was wrong.

    one of the power chords had come undone. thinking that it was the ballasts power chord i plugged it back in, not realizing that it was the power chord for the light and that the ballast was already on. i saw a little bit of static electricity and my light started.

    i let the light run for a while and then turned it off, let it sit, and turned it back on. it did have a little trouble starting, one of the ends was flickering and it wasnt really starting up. so i turned it off again and turned it back on and it came back on completely normal.

    i can't particularly see any damage or blackening of the bulb but just wondering if anybody thinks i have anything to worry about. just bought the bulb last week and the whole set up fairly recently so i feel pretty stupid for making such a mistake.

    please somebody let me know haha!
  2. its a 1000w hps btw
  3. Would you please explain the difference between the ballast power cord and the light power cord? An HID bulb doesn't need a power source separate from its ballast.
  4. you could have damaged the ignitor in the ballast if its having trouble starting. but yeh there should only be a power chord to the ballast not the light.. your wording is confusing
  5. He's obviously talking about the cord running from the ballast to the lamp. His must be un-pluggable.
  6. it is an un-pluggable one. there is a power chord from the ballast to the socket and a chord from the ballast to the light fixture also. kinda getting a funky smell. have turned it off now as not to damage my fixture, but don't know if this is necessary.

    it is kind of an old magnetic ballast. was going to take it apart tomorrow to see what i can see. any clue on what that smell would be? anything worth worrying about?

    should i turn the light back on haha!?!? my plant is going with out light!
  7. if you plugged the light socket chord into the wall and the light still lights up you should be fine.. it shouldnt have done anything to the ballast with the light unplugged.

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