HPS/MH Light???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PurpHazey, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Hey guys I am looking for those light setups that switch form HPs to MH can you guys point me to a few and tell if they are good or not?
  2. HIGH All, hey PurpHazey I'd grow to google and type in "HPS MH conversion bulbs" and wham sites galore.
  3. thanks man i never know what to type so i can never find anything
  4. lol just try typing what you are looking for, is it really that difficult?
    Just Blaze It.....
  5. but i didnt know to put conversion bulb nothing came up but stupid bulb stores

  6. HIGH All, what is it you wanted to know about when you asked this?

    I assumed you wanted stores...so doing this a few were pointed out. And yes they are good.
  7. Using MH, newer type of MH, HQI where they are double sided unshield bulbs which makes them more compact and puts out a much higher ouput over a single sided mh bulb. when I say unshielded the, if you look at a single sided MH bulb you will see the bulb inside which does look like it is double sided, that is what is being used. they are still being shielded, but on the fixture it sef. NEVER look at a unshielded HQI Bulb!

    I am still learning so what I can offer what I can.

    Using 10K bulbs which puts out a bluish tint, and using them though the veg state and heard that using HPS after that stage will work but im probably will continue using that setup through and I might just buy another bulb for the same unit, more like a 6000K bulb but still considering cause I don't want to waste 50-60 on a bulb if it is not needed.

    words are boring, here are pictures. this is what I use.
    Fixtures are very important too and a lot leave this out and will buy just any.

    with the ballast, i used a electronic one for it being very cool and keep the power bills down, if you keep the magnetic ones, they get HOT but put out a much higher PAR and again your power bill will skyrise depending on setups.

    wow lol, i just read the thread again and realized you asked about conversion bewteen MH/HPS.

    well im a high jacker then :wave: and could someone tell me if I should switch systems to hps or is this good for now.
  8. I was looking for a store but when i didnt type in conversion buld it sent me to store with reg. lightbulbs and things

  9. www.insidesun.com
    And yes, MH/HPS bulbs are the best lighting combo's for the plants.
  10. htg supply.com,,,,,, they got some good package deals,,,,,, and the prices onn thier lights,,and complete package deals,,,are the best ive seen ad ive done a lot of past research on them,,,, this is the best place i could come up with,,,, there shipping to my door was extremely discreet,,,,,, i paid thru the mail with a money order,,,,, i give them 5 stars,,,

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