HPS lights

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  1. Why are they so expensive??? Is there anything i could use instead of them.
  2. You could look at led's, but they're even more expensive, and T-5's are not far behind.

    They advise against buying lights, (or ballast) from CHina. Buy the best you can afford, electronic and switchable ballast if you're going HPS, or conversion bulbs if you don't go with switchable.

    Hope this isn't to much a discouragement.

    For the cheapest, grow outdoors!

    Good Luck
  3. see i want to just grow outside cause of bigger plants and a bigger yield but its to late for me to grow and it really pisses me off cause idk if I can wait that long. Is there any real cheap ways of doing it inside without getting lights and all that shit
  4. definetely. I just finished my first grow and I ended up with two females. I grew in my closet in my apartment and didn't really know much about growing, i just read the forums. I'm drying my bud right now bud it looks like im gonna get about 2 ounces from 2 plants. It's nice stinky and crystally bud, and all I used were 3 gallon pots with soil i got at the dollar store and some cheap fertilizer. My buddy gave me the seeds, and I used 5 of the 42 watt CFL's that I got at wal-mart for a total of 45 dollars. I just put the bulbs in random lamps and stuff I had around my place. I ended up spending less then 70 bucks total (including a 60x-100x microscope for the trichs) for a yield of 2 ounces. CFL's are the way to go for a cheap grow, but after using CFL's in my first grow, I'm definetely going with HPS for my next one. They grow faster and the buds are a lot more dense. But yeah, it's possible to use CFL's for a cheap and easy grow.

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