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  1. Hi i attained a 70 watt high pressure sodium light, but i need a ballast for it. I was wondering where would be a good place to purchase one and how much would it probally run me.
  2. If you know an electrician, nows the time to take advantage of his purchasing options. otherwise I would advise calling around...preferably from someone elses telephone, and searching the net to compare prices... i think I recal something like insidesun.com, search for 'hps ballasts for wholesale prices' and dont forget to check ebay, it can be a godsend.

    take care.
  3. granger

    they got every piece and part that u need.
  4. theyve got a piece and part for each star in the sky, but In my opinion.. and thats all it is (everone is entitled to there wrong one..) grainger is a great reference, but purchasing from them is a bit risky... ever tried paying a company like that in cash? i think not... find what you need in the book and find another source to purchase it from.

    take care.

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