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  1. my top 44 female has been flowering for about 3 weeks now. My question is, is it better to get the 400w hps as close as possible without burning the top colas, or lift the light up a bit so the plant will do a little stretching. and when do the buds start fattening up? There are many buds and budsites, but the buds dont have much for size. At the moment i am feeding 2 1/2 tsp foxfarm big bloom every watering, and she is handling it nicely. if i go to the hydro store and pick up some open sesame or beastie bloomz will that help me with my final yield? thanks in advance. :smoke:
  2. Hi

    I am using a 250W & a 600W HPS. I suggest you get them as close as you can. Bear in mind I am not a pro. But just watch out for heat stress/bleeching etc...

    Hope This Helps
  3. Yep you want them as close as possible without causing heat stress. I haven't read too much feedback on those FF suppliments. Big Bloom is very good to use throughout the plants life but if you don't have it already, you need to pick up some Tiger Bloom which is the fert specifically for flowering. I would consider the Tiger Bloom (or other flowering fert) pretty much a necessity but the Open Sesame and Beastie Bloomz would be probably be okay if you just had some extra cash to blow.
  4. or you can get some PK 13/14. You will be adding it in your 5 week of bud development, not from the start of 12/12.

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