HPS doesn't turn on

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Eros, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. I got a HPS light and when I powered it up all it did is hum. With or w/o the light in it makes the same sound (if thats any help). I tested the connection and it works fine for other devices. It is 120V 60Hz supply, is there anything I could of done wrong.
  2. make sure you have screwed the bulb all the way in.
  3. u have to see if there is electricity so plug it in and stick ur tongue in the socket to see if there is any juice.

    sorry that is just mean :) ya see if u need to screw it in. if not check the bulb. if not that...ur f'ed and send it back.
  4. have you given it time to warm up?, some can take 5-15min to warm up, and fully ignite.............Peace out...........Sid
  5. I screwed it in until I thought the bulb would break if I truned harder, I waited an hour the first time, and I've waited 30min so far this time. I think that send it back idea is looking better by the minute, but damn, thats a lot of hassle I dont want to go thru if I can fix it my self.

  6. i find a wet finger works just aswell and you dont lose your eyebrows.

    Eros.. it wasnt till i read froggys post that i realised mine mite sound like i was taking the piss. i wasnt. the bulbs can be very stiff to screw in sometimes so its a common mistake to make and a good place to start fault finding. if it isnt that then i would guess at either a duff bulb or lose wire in the ballast goin to the lamp holder.

    check to make sure it is screwed in first though!
  7. that was good timeing, you posted as i was writing.

    give it another turn. it takes a lot to break a lamp. check to make sure there are no rough bits on the thread 1st.
    try a 2nd bulb.
    open it up and have a look for a floating wire.
    if none of them things change anything then im afraid you might have to send it back.
  8. bulbs break.

    ballasts can be bad.

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