HPS Ballast ?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Salviaman18, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Alright So I just bought a 150 HPS Light bulb. It's a normal Socket .. but I learned that I can't just plug it in 110 volt plug//cable. What can I use as Ballast or How Can I Easily make a Ballast , is there any EASY blueprints that I can understand ? Are there pieces I can salvage from other electrical thingies or can I use something else like a Magic Eye and plug it in ? Thanks Already
    Sorry for my noobness.
  2. Afaik a "Magic Eye" is a pattern you look past to see a picture.

    You can't build an HID lamp ballast. Someone who could wouldn't be asking the question. A lamp ballast puts out a low level of electricity when turned on and slowly increases the power up to the ballast's rated wattage. An HPS ballast also uses an ignitor to fire up the bulb.

    You could, however, salvage a 150w HPS ballast to use on your 150w HPS.

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