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Hoyl SHit Mna

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FeelGood, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. If you haven't noticed I'm fucking blazed!! but dude!!!
    Ummm.....Shit I Forgotr. Oh Yeah. Dude There is A Thread On this page or the next one that someone said that sativa is light and fluffly and airy. So you know i thought i had the regular weed. You know they stuff that you cant crush with ur fingers. My shir dude was light and fluffy, dude i would have ate it if ..... Anyways......oh yeah.... dude....oh yeah...dude.....oh yeah......dude...oh yeah.....dude......oh yeah...dude.... man.... uh... oh yeah i used a ciggarette and twisted out the baccy then filled it up with weed. But it was a full ciggarette not packed. When I packed it it went to down to like 1/5 man. lol. man. lol. ma. baa....baaa....abaaaa...ok enough man.ok.lets but i smoked it
    the 1/5 joint. but dude its good.
  2. *stoic stare* When your sober, edit that post...

  3. ill take some of what hes smoken :D
  4. lstrycer: where is the stream button
    Schrananapuss: big long gray button with a green corner
    Schrananapuss: says stream this page
    Schrananapuss: or stream whole page
    Schrananapuss: or have you even picked a genre fron the left
    Schrananapuss: u gota do that first
    Schrananapuss: then youll see a button
    lstrycer: k streaming now
    Schrananapuss: ok
    lstrycer: get stream ripper
    lstrycer: it's a winamp plugin
    Schrananapuss: i do stream to winamp
    lstrycer: stream ripper saves the shit to your harddrive
    lstrycer: as mp3
    Schrananapuss: eh
    Schrananapuss: I'm not that worried
    Schrananapuss: if it goes away ill find something else
    lstrycer: it's more for something like burning it on cd and having it in the car
    lstrycer: or whatever
    lstrycer: do you have your trooper down there with you
    Schrananapuss: haha
    Schrananapuss: yeah
    Schrananapuss: but I'm more than content with oldies
    Schrananapuss: greatest hits of the 60's and 70's baby
    lstrycer: indeed
    lstrycer: there is too much stupid talk on there
    lstrycer: yeah you're high, way to go
    lstrycer: why don't you get a friend to talk to
    lstrycer: instead of posting pointless threads
    lstrycer: fucking idiots
    Schrananapuss: lol
    Schrananapuss: wow
    Schrananapuss: harsh
    Schrananapuss: its funny stuff man
    Schrananapuss: i thought it was cool
    lstrycer: it's pretty lame
    lstrycer: i'm sure he's faking it, or he's actually always that stupid
    lstrycer: either way, he shouldn't be allowed access to a computer
    Schrananapuss: i could immagine buddy
    Schrananapuss: lol
    Schrananapuss: yup
    lstrycer: why don't you reply to that fucktweed
    Schrananapuss: i did
    lstrycer: and copy and paste what i said
    Schrananapuss: if you would of hit refresh
  5. I was thinking the same thing as lstrcyer. But I kept my post civil. Which many people don't realize how hard it is for me not to just get to the point and say some mean shit. It's in my nature. Theres two types of stoners. Theres ones who can manage doing everyday things and seem normal. They function just fine. Of course they may eat more, maybe a little bit slower, and probably laugh there ass off on occasion. But then theres those, for lack of a better term, retard stoners. FeelGood seems to be one of them. Now there are several things that can cause this hidious condition.

    1. They have no self-control. On weed or off.

    2. Think being stoned means in order to be cool you have to act like a fucking retard just like they show in all those movies you love so much.

    3. You just popped your marijuana cherry (as in lost your virginity to Mary Jane) and your on a ride where you've never been. And since you havn't been there, you lose control of how you act.

    4. Then theres the teenager stoners. Some have had the blessing of smoking with older people, who through example taught them how to mellow out. But most just smoke with friends. And in the teenage age group, there is always those bad apples that are obnoxious lil stoners.

    Also... I'd like to know when your first words are "If you haven't noticed I'm fucking blazed!!" How are we supposed to have already noticed your blazed?

  6. lmfao i 2nd that!!
  7. 1. That I'm Going To Leave(The Sp.) to show you how baked I was.

    2. If he don't like the way I talk while baked and on the computer he can go himself. And I want you to tell him that.

    3. I just woke up because I didnt sleep on saturday and got to bed at 11 last night. So I slept pretty good.

    4. For whoever wanted my weed it's coming through the printer.

  8. 1. To start at the end of your post most people could tell because I coudln't spell.

    2.I am not "retarded" when I smoke. I relax sit back and chill. I'm very melow. I just can't type for shit. Then I'm too lazy and high to correct the shit. So Fuck Off.

    3. I dont think I have to make sp errors to be cool like in the movies. If you think that then YOU are the retard.

    4. I have more self control sober than you could ever imagine.

    5. And don't classifie anyone as a retard stonner on here, especially me .

  9. That post was not "mellow" and yeah i can tell you cant type for shit. But if your high right now why were you able to type so much better this time around?

    I never said you had to make spelling errors to be cool. I was just saying that is one kind of retarded stoner out there. The kind that act like the stereotypical stoners they see in their favotire movies. I wasnt saying thats how YOU are

    Never said you didnt have self control. as stated in the above it's a TYPE of retarded stoner. The ones that have no self-control what so ever.
  10. he was stoned he made a post, babbling may it be, but if ya dont like it simply ignore em:)

    FeelGood enough with the name won't help to get your point across by screaming 'fuckoff' and no one here is a dickhead..if your as mellow as you say you are prove it by being mature and not calling other people names..


  11. There are thousands of stoners on the forum. Hundreds that post reguarlly. I have yet to see ONE make a post like that. And most the fuckers on here are stoned when they are posting. So I think its only you that types like that. Not stoners in general. As a stoner I take offense to the fact you think being extremely baked is an excuse for such illiteracy. And that you think it's a stoner kind of writing.

    Oh yeah i jsut re-read my second post. I never did say you were a retard. I said you SEEMED to be one. There is a difference.
  12. i think he jus wanted us to know how he felt :D anyways, ive been pretty stoned, made a couple of spelling errors, but not to THAT extent... lol i GET what you were trying express :)
  13. *chuckle*

    *lights bowl / exit thread*
  14. 1.the guy was baked. very very baked

    2.stop using numbers to put out points

    3.When i post like tht, y'all just laf, and say look at it sober. that cos im the vill idiot? lol
  15. has neone met the goblins inmy closet?
  16. i eh think i tried to post something like that once but halfway through couldnt figure out how to make it post..been smoking for about a year and i'm very "chilled out" when i smoke but sometimes i get some stuff that just knocks me for a loop. EXE once a friend o mine(smoked for god only knows how long he's meh weed father) was so stoned out of his mind he tried to fix his computer by tying the cables together god only knows what he would have typed on a forum.. all i'm saying is cut the dude some slack and stop acting like a buncha piranhas
  17. But the bigger question is...

    Does this thread belong here in "seasoned stoners"? ;)
  18. who cares?

  19. Seasond Tokers* I repeat Tokers, is for people who have been smoking for years. It doesn't matter what you post but it is for experianced smokers. I have been smoking for 4 years. Am I not seasond? dont question anything
  20. im seasoned. mmmmm salty

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