Howv u guys like my raybands

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  1. Got as Xmas gift

    Should I keep
    Let me know please

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  2. Thanks bump
  3. Put a pic on wearing them!!!!!!!
  4. Haha ok I will later I don't really where glasses
    But wat u think should I keep.
  5. Yeah we gotta see on the face bruh. That's the only thing that matters. I think they're dope though, any ray bans are gonna be good, you always get what you pay for.
  6. Ray-Ban, polarized? Fuck yeah, keep them.

    Ray-Bans are my favorite brand of sunnies, though I'm partial to the Wayfarer or Aviator. Those aren't really my style, but maybe they look good on you. You can't go wrong with that brand, man.
  7. Thanks dude
  8. I have some very similar ray bans and i love em
  9. Nice glasses for sure man but as you've already probably seen the past few posts there's no D in the name. Just Ray Ban.

    *edit: I would wear them they're nice.
  10. I don't like em to be honest.
  11. trade em for a few dubs of mid'
  12. got dat rayband vision
  13. Those look silly.
  14. i like em your choice overall tho
  15. Look pretty ill, just depends on if they suit your face man.
  16. How do you tell
    People been saying to keep them but I never wear them idk why I'm super shy I like them
  17. are raybands like the knock offs? i thought it was pretty funny, they get ingenious you trying to circumbent copyrights lol
  18. wheres that pic?
  19. They look like sunglasses.

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