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How's this look?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dale_Denton, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. #1 Dale_Denton, Feb 11, 2009
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    Howdy, guys.

    How does this stuff look?

    Off topic: It cost $60 for an eighth (there's more than this, although this is a pretty good size nug. Sorry for no size comparisons). However, that seems to be the going rate in Atlanta. The only other stuff to find in the area was $25 of stuff that looked like crap and was maybe a half gram. That guy was a ripoff...

    Anyways, just wondering how it looks to you guys. I'm not very knowledgeable on the stuff... :rolleyes:

    And I figure it's probably not quite worth the $60 it cost, but it was the best and cheapest available.

    Rolled a joint with a smaller nug from this batch. It's pretty pitiful (the joint, not the nug), so I won't post it. lol. But hopefully it will do its job :p

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  2. looks pretty nice, I get 1/8th for 50 that are around the same stuff and I am also in Atlanta.
  3. not bad, id pay that much for an 1/8th in my town and that quality
  4. #4 SuperChronic!, Feb 11, 2009
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    hey man thats some pretty nice green. i (thankfully) have a friend who grows...i get high mids 1/8ths for 20 man :D not to be a dick or anything. just saying.

    it has some nice trichomes on it, its a bit leafy but it doesn't look like its all stem man, but yeah that looks pretty good. :)
  5. yeah it looks pretty good, maybe a bit expensive :p
  6. #6 Dale_Denton, Feb 12, 2009
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    Cool, guys. Glad to know it doesn't look too bad and doesn't seem to be too pricey... :D

    FYI, that nug is about 3" long, excluding that stem sticking out of the end.

    Another question: Is there any chance that anyone could guess what strain it is? Also, what type/quality do you guys think that would probably be? Mid or high-mid? Beaster? Pretty sure it's not dank, but hey, I don't really know what I'm talking about that much. lol
  7. We can't tell you a strain, however it looks like some low end dank. Which is good. $60 seems a lil high, but maybe that just me. I would pay $50. So I guess it isn't that bad of a deal. Just my .02 cents
  8. I figured that you couldn't tell the strain by just looking at it.

    But yeah, I figured that $60 was a little high. But it was all that was available, other than one other guy who was charging a LOT more for stuff that looked crappier (looked like dirt).
  9. looks pretty good...its not dank but its pretty close.
  10. Sweet, glad to know that I'm at least getting pretty decent stuff, even though I'm overpaying. At least it's not mids/low-grade mids and overpriced like that lol.

    But the guy is really cool, and is my former roommate's buddy. We might start to get along, and maybe I can get some better hookups eventually :D

    But for now, I'll live with paying a little extra. I'll just think of it as a convenience charge, seeing as how he is well within walking distance, just down the road at a frat. :p

    Now I just need to get better at rolling them joints. Haha.
  11. #11 Dale_Denton, Feb 12, 2009
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    Well, I was up late and had nothing better to do (other than some reading for class...), so I practiced rolling. I rolled another, and it looks MUCH better than my first one (thank god, that thing is ugly lol). I also made it fatter, so it should be a nice smoke. Although I'm sure it's not "good", it's better :D

    Had to borrow a roommate's camera for the nice pic in my first post. I tried taking a pic of the joints with my camera, but you can't really tell much from them (although it's pretty clear that they suck, especially the lower/right one haha). Top/left one is the second one I rolled. A bit thicker, significantly more even, and rolled tighter. When I first started rolling it, as soon as I was rolling it up after it was packed I kind of bent it when it was about half rolled, and put a big rip in the paper, and I had to start over :(

    And yeah, I used about a 1 cm wide rolled up strip of a notecard for a filter/tip.

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  12. Rolled another one, looks even better than my last one :)
    Used nicsye's video tutorial. It helped a lot :)

    Practice makes perfect :D

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