how's the high life treating ya'

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by keiser, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. Just thoought I'd introduce myself since I'm new here...
    I believe that drug problems definitely do not stem from the hearty trunk of a massive pot plant.
    which is why I joined this forum.

    On the other hand-all drugs do get abused. So don't smoke 'till you can't remember your fucking best friends name! This will give pot a bad name.

    I like to smoke with my close friends and just relax. Watch a good flick. Drink some beer.

    I think thats all for now.
  2. welcome keiser!...I agree 100%, drugs can be used for good or all depends on how you use the force.
  3. hI keiser i just joined aswell so since i been here its the best to put it frankly the people tha info aaahh* lol but i dont have nuffin against burnt out people thats the image most people get when they think of weed pot stoners in general like david chong on that 70's show lol hes tha best man so im okay wit everyone but i see where ur coming frum ur looking out i admire that man look forward to ur posts bakk to smoking...

  4. for beiing so hospitable that is.

    I agree highAztec

    I am also mighty accepting of all people-highly burnt or not.I just think that sometimes it can go a little to far.

    P.S. In the past two days I caught two bats in my apartment..
    cool eh'

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