How's she doing? Is there much time left?

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    Greetings growers,

    This is my first grow, a late starter, winter grow on the balcony. She's at 4 months now and was a seedling at the equinox (mid march) so probably flowered too early and has limited light because its now winter here in temperate southern hemisphere, and on a balcony that faces east but loses sun at lunchtime. Given those constraints it seems to be going well enough to produce something?

    I'm looking for advice on where I'm up to (timings seem slow) and how to solve any symptoms I'm having, please see the pics and offer any advice you can. I potted with potting mix, vermiculite and pellet fertilise that lasts '3 months' then have been feeding a ph'd water with blackstrap molasses, a high K orchid potash (best I could find) small amounts of Epsom salts occasionally.


    - Light green colour, used to be darker, lower leaves yellowing, this ok or too much?
    - Leaves clawing both up and down, a deficiency or over watering?
    - Tiny spots on leaves, a deficiency?
    - Fluffy buds, good trichomes, not enough light intensity?
    - Has mild nutrient burn on some branches
    - Trichomes becoming overripe?

    Any help from outdoor growers would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

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