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Hows my sproutling looking?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The Cannabis, May 29, 2009.

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    It sprouted over 3 weeks ago, and I was wondering if this looks normal/healthy.
    I know that pictures are shitty, its a camera phone so bare with me.



    I minimized the watering, and now its starting to look better. Heres some better pics
    (Pics were taken, right after night cycle)

    I haven't added any nutes so far or anything else. What should I do next.
  2. theres no pics?
  3. hmmm, yea im just now noticing that, ill fix it when nI get back home
  4. your plant is looking somewhat okay.
    you need to water a little less.
    it looks to me like you have some overwatering going on.
    and this isnt bad if you give it a break on watering.
    let is dry out for a day then dont water as much.
    i say water everytime the top gets dry.
    your plant should turn out great!

    ps. never overnute.
    i know youre at the point where nuting starts.
  5. looks like its starting to stretch a bit and maybe a little bit overwatering. get some more pics and we will be able to tell more clearly though.
  6. ill have clearer pics today, I skipped watering yesterday because i noticed the over watering, but thanks for the feedback.
    I was gone for a couple days and had my brother watching it. I came back and it was on it's side. He broke the stem not completely but about 1/2 way, but I put a toothpick in and stabled it, and built up a little soil around the base, and now its sturdy
  7. Yea I am kind of hesitant about even using nutes. Just because of my lack knowledge of ferts, and nutes. Any advice would help. I have been looking online and stuff but any information is good information at this point.
  8. You can start adding nutes if you want since its 3 weeks old. Just make sure to give them 1/4 strength of what it says and do it every other watering. It looks to me like its stretching. What kind of lights do you have? And I would go easy on the waterings, you don't need as much as you think. If your doing it indoors I would put a fan on her now, that will help strengthen her stem.
  9. The plant is actually a little over 4 weeks.
    Just one CFL right now about 6 hours, then dark 6, then outdoors about 4-6 and then dark. But I will be transplanting it outdoors soon.

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