How's my Seeding?

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  1. Hey guys, I finally got a seed to sprout. I got it in some weed from a friends friend who grows. Seeds were fresh and popped quick.
    Only one ended up making it because Im impatient. but the one that did make it had a huge taproot in like 3 days of wet papertowels.

    I ended up putting it in soil from my yard that abunch of plants had been thriving in before we pulled them. But I had planted it, and checked on it 2 days later and I saw the seed like kinda poking out of the ground but I thought I had planted it like that. There was no signs of it like actually forcing itself out of the dirt. (I thought it was too clay-y to even let its roots grow and shit), well I got off work the next day and decided to look at it and it had grown all the way to the top of the sandwich bag I had covering it. (I didn't have any lgiht on it either it was on my dresser)

    So i put it on my root in the gutter and I leave it there all day. I water the plant about 2 times a day, but thats because I dont excessively water it, and its super hot plus the growing medium is literally dirt. But it seems to be doing okay I think. Its grown a little in the past like 3 days. I can see the 2nd node growing just barely.

    Snapchat-680007360[1].jpg Snapchat-680007360[1].jpg
  2. Your going to face major problems if you dont add something for drainage in your soil. I would suggest perlite
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  3. Also you want to put under the light now... otherwise its going to keep streching and eventually die
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  4. Do you have holes in the bottom of that cup?

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  5. Wanna water with 6-6.5 ph too. U can get a cheap drip kit online for like 20$. Most citys taps run a bit higher 7.0-8.0

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