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  1. my name is Bryan. been hanging out here a while. getting ready to build a new setup and start cultivation here in Portland. I did some micro grows before I moved back to the city that came out real well. I'm also a musician, and I currently play drums in a few projects, as well as playing on my own.
  2. Welcome to GC, Bryan. No doubt, any questions that may arise during your cultivation endeavors can be easily answered here within our fabulous forums. We have an entire section of forums dedicated just to growing. Great, helpful people that frequent those boards too. And I couldn't even begin to put a price on the wealth of information to be found just in the stickies in the grow forums. And we have a journal sub forum where you can post a thread keeping track of your grow day by day. A good, serious grow journal usually gets a lot of traffic and attention from other growers. You'll meet some really great people on that board, I'm sure of it. :smoke:
  3. gonna get started again in a few weeks. I'm pretty stoked. I follow the grow journals frequently. particularly the micro grows, cause I live in an apartment.
  4. That's sweet man. I have a small grow going right now. It is quite fun:) Portland huh? I have a friend who is from there. He enjoyed it quite a bit.
  5. Welcome hope everything works out for you
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    I grew up here in Portland. it's a lot different now than when I left about 10 years ago. me and my wife are the only native oregonians on our block, which is kind of odd... but it works and there is always something to do...
  7. That's cool. I've grown up here in Utah. It's a pretty boring place besides the outdoor stuff you can do. But i love that area. Hopefully going to move to the Washington area sometime.
  8. My friend got an aro garden and everything but it hit the shit somehow
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    I lived in escalante, Utah for a while.
  10. That's cool. Never been there.
  11. I lived there under kind of odd circumstances, but it was really gorgeous. the whole state is pretty breathtaking...
  12. What kind of odd circumstances? And I will have to agree with you on that one. This state is beautiful.
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    I was sent to a place called turn about ranch for behavioural modification. basically it's a work camp for kids who don't get along....
  14. Ha ha that's awesome.
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    I was there for 2 years. I can't really complain because I did get something out of it. and I have a good work ethic cause of that place.

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