hows everyone doin' tonite?

Discussion in 'General' started by Peaceful Rocker, May 27, 2006.

  1. well, you'd think not being able to smoke would suck... and it does. But i'm learning how to cope with it (drinking excesivly :)) just did blow for the first time in months, i'm coming down now.. but it was fucking great.

    Smoke a bowl for the peeps on probation :(
  2. Yo whatsup I feel for doin pretty good just smoked a J made from a roller (i wish i could roll haha) and im pretty damn high. pretty fun... yep
  3. shit 2 joints and a b so far, another b after my mom gets home and gets drunk with me
  4. Trainwreck, hookah, and wine or champagne. :D
  5. man i passed out last night at 6 oclock haha. reason being is I was up the whole night before shrooming BALLS. i ended up eating 3 1/8ths from 7 oclock till midnight... was good and tripping till at least 6-7am.
  6. not being able to smoke weed would suck but its not your whole life so it shouldnt be the biggest deal in the world and doing coke is not to good for you i would stick to those beers man

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