How's everybody's night?

Discussion in 'General' started by blackdahlia515, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. How's everyone's night going? As for me its doing homework stoned out of my face and listening to music, you guys?

    Just thought I should make a thread to in?

    :bongin: :cool:
  2. Engh, so-so. I was partying at my buddies house, but his girlfriend and me bump heads alot so it turned out shitty by the end of the night.

    Goodluck with the homework while stoned, I wrote a 3 page research paper while i was stoned and I thought it was the best piece of work I'd ever spat out until I gave it to my mom to proof read and found out that it was actually really poorly written grammar-wise.
  3. Haha, nah my grammar is usually perfect when I'm fried unless I'm talking.:smoke:
  4. yah it prolly just takes you awhile to type haha.

    But yah, my night sucks cuz i have NO bud and havn't had bud for like a whole week, but i'm getting chronic tomorrow so i am happy about that :)
  5. Lucky bastard, I wish I was like that cause my high school years would have been alot better.
  6. I'm good, really high and listening to Led Zeppelin Four Sticks... mmmmmm delicious. Whats your homework on?
  7. Lucky bro. And the poster above me is pretty cute, If that's their picture :) Not trying to hit on you or anything...

    But yeh, I'm done smoking, Due to the airforce coming up. I'm gonna miss it. Currently pretty depressed with myself, and I don't know.

    Enjoy your music man! Just don't start singing the lyrics, you may start typing them into your homework, haha.
  8. oo sounds funnnn. i don't start school till the 4th. i hardly have any classes......
    im gunna be ripped all year.... 3 hours of art!
  9. Haha nah, the music is what makes me go. That Airforce thing sounds cool Spaz.

    EDIT - Homework is Pre Calc.
  10. It's fucking too hot at my place. What the shit?! I'm sitting here with a thin layer of sweat rolling down me. I feel nasty, dirty, and tired.

    And my dealer's not picking up.

    But other than that, I'm doing just peachy.:hello:
  11. Yeah, thats me. And thanks.
  12. Fucking shit.
    Bombed a single bomber before work, too much meth in it, gave me a nasty stomachache during the shift.

    But, uh, getting anxious.
    Need to pick up an onion pretty soon but my supplier has gone ghost for the night.
  13. Anybody know if there is a GC chatroom... like an IRC or AIM or something? I'm bored as hell and Harvey Bird Man isnt doing it for me.

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